Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Bali 7 Days: Day 6 & 7 - Bambu Restaurant, Waterbom themepark, made bagus, Revolver

Yes, I'm still backlogging with my 2016 posts, but this is the last!
It's been a long time since i'm here. Due to work commitments and travelling.
The last part was in Seminyak, dinner was at Bambu!
Pretty place, slightly expensive.

The #1 waterpark in Asia!
Waterbom Bali
Super shiok if you like the exciting rides.
It has one of the most steepest slides, and also fast turning tubes.
One of the scariest ride i remembered was climbing many many steps up to above 5 floors above?
And going into a tube like an elevator. the "elevator" will close, and count down.
The count down was scary... i could feel the gravity ready to pull me down vertically down the slope.
I went twice, while the boy went a few more times.... too shiok.  

Went to Jimbaran beach for seaside dinner! :)

On our last day, we did nothing but just chill.
Went to Revolver cafe. The cake was so-so only, not worth it. Coffee was good though. :)


Monday, December 05, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 4 & 5 - Yoga Barn, Sisterfields Cafe, Space at Bali

Am skipping Day 4 because we did nothing, but just sleep in, go to cafes, and walked around Ubud, and read books.
Day 5, we made our way early in the morning to Yoga Barn!
Something I have been wanting to try out, Yoga in Bali! It's very different from the ones I attend in Singapore. Because it has no aircon, it's natural environment, with trees and birds etc.
Very nice therapy place.

And this boy kindly joined in the yoga together with me because I really wanted to try. :)
His first yoga.

After that, we had to check out and head to Seminyak!
Our next few days will be spent at Seminyak.
First thing we did was having lunch at Sisterfields!
Super famous cafe, Australian style.
Verdict: Very good! Worth the queue.

We had coffee at The Coffee Library because the other cafe was temporary closed for the day.
Along the busyy street of Seminyak, there are really lots of cafes, restaurants, and gets really vibrant in the evening. Daily partying and drinking i think.
Definitely didn't feel like I was in Bali, the feel is also very different from Ubud.

Checkin! This boy pampers me so much!
I didn't know I was gonna stay at such a beautiful villa!
It's sooooo nice and spacious!!! Pool is big too!
The best place i've been to!


Sunday, October 30, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 3 - Mount Batur sunrise, Cafe Wayan, Caramel Patisserie, The Proposal

There's just too many things on my plate right now, finally back in Singapore and on my desk with a bit of "me-time".
So, on 6th August, that's my 30th birthday!
I have been wanting to do a hiking adventure, but haven't gotten a chance to do so, especially by myself because of some health concerns, the boy doesn't allow me to do higher altitudes.
So, he allowed me to try Mt. Batur, a sunrise trek, not very difficult, and manageable altitude.
We woke up really early around 2AM, and began the trekking at 3AM
It was cold even at the grounds. To do the trekking, you must have a local guide to bring you up. The boy hired someone for that, instead of a guide for a group.
So, that way, we can walk or stopped whenever we like.
Because it was so dark, we couldn't take any pictures along the way.
We were provided with torchlights by the guide. We walked quite fast because we wanted to get our heart rate up and not feel so cold. And we didn't really stop until the first base.
You can choose to stop at the first base or continue up to the peak.
After the first base, that's where the real deal is. Because it's an active volcano, the "sand" is black and extremely soft. When you put your feet on the ground, your leg will sure sink.
And it is steep upwards walk, so your ankles better be good.
One tip: Wear a glove so that when you hold on to the rocks, it's less painful.
We were practically on all fours, and slowly climbing up with sure careful steps and strategically choosing which rocks to step on.
Because we didn't bring gloves, I couldn't hold hard on the rocks to push myself up. It's really painful. Thankfully, I trainedmy legs well enough. That daily squats and burpees saved me.
After around 2.5 hrs, we finally reached the top! And had a good spot to sit and watch the sunrise.
Better reach early because there will be lots of people on that limited plot of space.

It was really cold.

Our guide!

Taking a moment to sink in all these wonderful memories. An achievement unlocked for myself.

Sunrise coming!
My favourite. The best sunrise i've seen so far. So near the clouds and sun. :)

The boy who is always there for me :)
Tip - Don't follow him wearing shorts. It's super cold at the top, and he was shivering when waiting for the sun. hahaha.
The journey down was worse than the way up.
Because of the soft sand, your feet sinks and the effort to pull it up and make another step, plus to make sure you don't tumble down, it's so tough.
And with gloves it is better of course as well.
We fell to our butt many times, and alot of them also did as well.
You have to make sure your body weight is at the back so that just in case you slip, you don't fall forward.  

This is after the first base, and the only time to capture your achievement. So better do so!
This is the base of the trekking. The white clouds behind is not clouds, but smoke from the volcanic mountain.
This is truely an amazing experience for me, and really, travelling and exploring make life much worth living.
After heading back and napping for awhile, we headed right next to our hotel for a quick late lunch.
This place is also recommended, and it gives a local vibe. Very chill, and old school feel. 
Don't order the coconut. It's not sweet at all.  

We then headed to Caramel Patisserie. This place is so good. I'm surprised that the boy actually found good cafes!
This whole trip is planned by him and I didn't know where we were going, really glad that he made some good choices!

The best red velvet cake i've ever eaten. Not in Singapore can beat this.
It's not so sweet, and the nuts on top complement the taste of the whole cake.
Even the cream is good! For the first time, I didn't shave off the cream in a cake!

During evening time, the boy hired the hotel car and drove us to our dinner destination.
I didn't know where we were heading to until when I reached the destination.
The Samaya Ubud.
I was amazed by the whole restaurant setting, when I entered, the whole place is filled with candlelights all over the place and by the river.
The quiet dining by the river, hearing the sounds of river felt good.
We were led by the friendly waiter whoe spoke perfect english.
And when we were led to our little private hut, we were seated next to the river, and the decorations were so romantic!
All the huts were more or less the same, but with a little customised decos on each huts.
Finally a romantic dinner by the boy! haha!



6 course candle light dinner. It was a wonderful romantic dinner, everything was perfect for me.
The food was surprising good as well! To be honest, I wasn't expecting much because sometimes some places it's the setting rather than the food. But here, the food's good as well!
The waiter constantly asked us if everything was alright when he cleared the food, and chatted slightly with us.

And I got a free birthday cake after the waiter realised I was celebrating my birthday! :)
And.... he gave me a love note folded in a heart shape! It's a personal note written by the waiter.
The boy got slightly shocked though. hahahaa...

While eating this birthday cake, the boy started "chatting" about our past, how much we have been through, and because I didn't know what was coming, I joined him in the "chat", occassionally stopping him in his sentences and adding in my words as well.
He seldom start this long romantic conversation, so I was really glad that he did so this time. At the back of my mind i was like "So I only get this romantic conversation on my 30th!"
haha... but then... shortly after the conversation, he stood up from his seat and knelt down and proposed with this.... A heart filled with cotton. (I guess he's representing his heart?)
I got a shock, and wasn't really expecting this to happen so fast. Probably because there were still issues that hasn't been cleared. It's not our issue, but rather issues in my life.
I expected that only when the "issues" were cleared, then I could get on with the next stage with him.
Afterall, I have no intention to pull him into the problems I have.
I didn't say yes, but my first reaction was "are you sure?".
After thoughts now, I felt really bad having him to kneel so long on that uneven uncomfortable ground.
After much exchanging of words, he asked again, and I accepted.
I can't explain how glad I was, how touched I was. My tears kept rolling down.
When we went back, he asked me why did I accept his proposal even though there was no diamond ring.
I didn't care if there wasn't a ring when he proposed,  I still accepted.
He knew me. He knew I wasn't that kind of girl who wanted diamonds.
He knew I was a romantic girl.
I was the silliest girl to him. Yes, he said that to me.
And presented the diamond ring hidden in that box he handmade by himself.
What was the prettiest to me that night, wasn't the diamond ring,
but the handmade proposal gift. :):):)