Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 2 - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul Temple, Kopi Luwak tour

 On day 2, GGH arranged a full day temple tour to sightsee with a taxi.
Not that I'm very interested... haha.. there's just too many temples in Bali.
Of course, he narrowed down to those popular ones and along the way.
I was probably more interested in rice terraces....
First stop. Pura Ulun Banu Bratan.
Obviously I cannot remember the name of this temple, but I call it the water lake pagoda.
That's because the pagoda is on the water facing a lake which is quite pretty!
It was the longest time I spent among all the places we went. :p
There were so event going on, and we got a chance to see what's happening and their culture.
Like how there are gold and white "umbrellas" outide the door like guards.

Goa Gajah. The elephant cave. It didn't look like an elephant cave to me though....
And I got cheated into thinking there were more inside the cave, but there wasn't much. :(

The waterfall ... if you can find it. and climb in.

Tirta Empul Temple. The holy water spring.
There were lots of visitors, even non-locals were seen bathing or "puritfying" themselves in the holy water.
This has to be the busiest temple of all.
Very interesting though. Note, small entrace fee is applicable.

BANANA! So sweet and nice!
This place is huge. and beautiful.

Another temple... which is forgettable... that i cannot remember the name.  

Bali Pulina. Kopi Luwak tour!
Finally, I got to see what's so fascinating about "cat shit coffee", the most expensive coffee.
I've learnt that this animal is very picky, only eats good quality coffee seeds to shit out the best coffee beans (it cannot be digested in their body). They will collect the feces and process them by washing, drying, roasting.
Its nature is also very active, and hence it's very difficult to capture a still photo of them.
The roasing process.
Upon completion of the tour, if you purchase 1 cup of kopi luwak at a reasonable price (i think its SGD4??) , they will serve you all the different type of coffees, total 8 cups for sampling, have it at a cafe overlooking rice terraces.
It's worth a try especially you have not tried this type of coffee before before deciding if you wanna spend money on expensive coffee.
The taste is unique, powderish coffee, but it does taste decent. It has a strong aroma, but I understand from our taxi driver that it's not as strong as a normal bali coffee (in terms of keeping you awake).
We had a good time chilling over coffee before ending the day.
We didn't purchase anything there cause I wouldn't pay SGD50 for a box of coffee.
Instead, I went to supermarkets, finding the smallest pack of coffee just for my dad and mum to try them as sample. That sample also cost me SGD20. hahaha.
Seriously, the most expensive coffee I bought.

Thats for my day 2. We ended the day early in preparation for that morning 2AM hike!!!
Stay tuned! :)

Monday, September 12, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 1 - Karsa Spa & Naughty Nuri's

My first trip of the year! After so long, super looking forward to a proper holiday.
This trip was given to me as a Valentine's day present ... The boy sponsored the whole trip for my birthday holiday and I didn't had to change any currency nor bring any money. hehe.
I was told to just tell him what places I wanna go badly.

So, the brief itinerary was provided to me 2 weeks before. We stayed 4 nights in Ubud, 2 nights in Seminyak.

Day 1 - Nothing much because arrival was already late afternoon, and there was a flight delay.
We ended up had to rush to the spa place where he booked. It was very popular and definitely have to book in advance.
It closes early at 7pm (i think), so he managed to book the 6pm slot.
Karsa Spa is nested among the rice paddy fields, and we did a short hike up to reach the place.
Get to have space at a very spacious room with huge bath tub and shower, and it has no air con (because it's natural!). Now I know why #1 in tripadvisor in Ubud.
I did a full body and it was really good. The ambience already won my over. I was told by the boy if we reach earlier, have a drink at the cafe at the entrance. It's not bad, and got feel. Next time!
Sadly wouldn't take photos as we were late and sky was turning dark.

By the time we got out, on our way down the hike, we saw lots and lots of stars! So beautiful, something that rarely can be seen in Singapore since the whole place is always brightly lit.

Once we walked back down, we went to Naughty Nuri's, but this place is just too over rated. Nothing fantastic about the ribs and grill. Maybe their chilli sauce is very nice and spicy only. Other than that, i wouldn't return for any round. Don't bother.

Ended the day early for the next day's temple tour.

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 7 & 8 - Pinnacles, Lancelin sandboarding, Kings Park, Ciao Italia, Crawley boat shed

So, after the exciting skydiving, we headed back to Perth City.
But before that, since it was along the way, we went to Pinnacles and Lancelin for sandboarding.
Pinnacles was amazing! Seems unbelievable that Australia actually has a huge plot of land covered with sand. It felt like I was in South Africa desert!
The place is so big that you will not be photobombed. haha..
However, do note that when driving, it is a one-way drive, so please stop at strategic places where other cars can still go through. Also, since its one way, the only way is forward so if you wanna go back, please make one loop.
Everywhere is like photo worthy!

After that, we made our way to Lancelin for sandboarding.
To get there, it is slightly tricky. When you exit highway, it will show Lancelin Road. keep going straight, the roadsign will change to other road name. Your landmark should be Gull Petroleum on the right. Its a rundown petrol kiosk. Keep going to T-junction, turn right at Gingin Road.
You will find a "Have a Chat" store where you can rent the boards.
You must rent before driving in.
We rented 2 boards to take turn. You cannot keep going cause it's really tiring to walk up the soft sand.
BEWARE: Drive in at your own danger. Because of the soft sand, if you are driving a normal car, it may get stuck (60% chance). Your tire must be those big kind then can withstand it.
Ours was a normal car, we were so close to getting stuck. A tow car cost $200.
One of our friend who went there got stuck, so be careful. You can park and walk in (quite far) which is safer.

It's so tough to get up that I went 3 rounds I got tired.
Check out this video showing how tough it is to climb up the sand.
This shows GGH and I going down together. The speed too fast until the sand fly onto our face. lol.
After the final excitement, we went to Perth City King's Park for picnic.
This is what locals do! So nice to have picnic at that kind of weather, so cooling aircon weather, and the grass is soooo clean.
Packed some snacks and drinks from supermarket before heading there. Thankfully the weather was good when we were going. It started raining after we packed. :)

Now, for the best dinner I have eaten in Perth:
Ciao Italia!!!
Address: 273 Mill Point Road, South Perth, Cnr Douglas Ave.
Tuesday to Satuday 5pm to 10pm
Be there early to avoid the crowd.
Everything was sooooo good. Cannot pick a favourite.

Our last day, we went café hopping and did some outlet shopping and ... casino for the guys.
haha.. We actually booked a more atas place at Perth, Crowe Perth right at the doorstep of the casino.
My first time playing and definitely not my kind of place. SO complicated.
Finally done with my Perth trip.
I miss this already. It was an amazing trip with my buddies. I felt we really made a good group, from travelling, managing road trip journeys to entertaining each other. To more road trips in future! 

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 7 - Jurien Bay Skydiving

Decided to do this YOLO in Perth with the boy.
Took him awhile to be convinced..
It is expensive but once in a lifetime right?!
Per person cost $400 for 14,000 ft I think. And videos additional cost of $120.
I chose here because I saw the reviews that this skydive jurien bay is quite good and of course SAFE.  
It's a short walk from the place we stayed, and we took the morning slot so that the video is clear, skies are clear, and perfect weather!
If unfortunately the weather is unable to dive, it will be postponed, so we decided to take the morning, just in case.
I've got nothing to say, but just relishing the moments while I upload these photos. Enjoy. :)

This indeed is a memorable experience. My videos looked better, but the boy face was like cui because I think he has lesser fats or no collagen? so his skin was "flying".. lol..
To not disgrace him, I did a combined version.
Here's the edited video version for both of us:
Shall update the afternoon happening in a separate post! :D


Sunday, May 29, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 6 - Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park is very huge. We didn't do long walking trails due to time constraint, and also it's not for the faint hearted. Every trail has information on the difficult level and what tools are required, like walking stick etc.
We saw a few elder people starting to walk off the trail, I salute them. It's amazing how angmohs at age of 50 can still do such a trail whereas Asians are generally seem to be weaker at the age of 50...
Okay, I digress. Anyway, Kabarri is all photo worthy - here you go.

The whole Kabarri National Park. You can do the trail down, and come back up.

See what I  mean by photo worthy? Everywhere also pretty and blue skies.

Cannot really remember if this is Z bend or The gorge, but I think it's the latter.
This Nature's window, is very famous in Kalbarri. It is a naturally formed rock that looks like a window that oversees the Kalbarri. It's super solid.  
The reason why I wanted to come Kalbarri, the Nature's Window.


As you will notice, the lighting is very bright. It was around 9am I think... but the sun is like 12pm sun. Super strong UV. It is very easy to get heat stroke here if you don't drink up. it's worse than Singapore weather.
Doing some stunts....
Such beautiful flowers seen while on the roads off Kalbarri!


This day is short as we had to drive back to Jurien Bay which is 4hours away. We spent whole morning at Kalbarri and headed to lunch at the main area, before driving all the way to Jurien Bay before the sunset.
At Jurien Bay, the places to stay were limited and there's no hotel...
So we managed to book chalet.
We stay at Casuarina Crescent, Ocean Beach Chalet 18.
Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything nice since it was a chalet... but I was surprised!
The chalet is like a terrace house!
It has a proper porch, a car porch, a bbq area by the side!
Wood elements - So homely feel! Big living room.
Kitchen area  
It has 2 rooms, 1 double bed, 1 twin bed, sleeps 4.

I was impress for the price I paid for, it's pretty worth it. Singapore chalet cost a lot more than this, and Singapore chalet are much smaller in size.....
Alright. Next day.... SKYDIVE!!!!