Monday, September 22, 2008

- Looking for several part time (Half day)/ full time Personal Assistant & Accounts urgently.
- If interested, please kindly send me ( your resume for submission.
- Good Pay, work in town area.
- Please spread this word around if you know of any friends who are looking for jobs.

My weekend Journal:
Friday - Met up with Ann at night to collect my textbooks I asked him to buy for me.. Hardworking eh?? hehehe... 2 thick books.. =( .. cost me 100 over dollars... so shun bian watch movie with him and his gf too..
watched Mamma Mia.
A good show.. the musical part was nice, but not the plot though.. not suitable for those who don't like musical stuff... someone slept again.. -- READ: Mr. Bf.
Then on saturday, went to work again... evening went for swimming with his sister. Very long didn't swim le... rusty liao... and guess what! I went swimming without a towel!!! i forgot to bring it.. !*(&#*#@%!!! haha... stupid me...
anyway, then sunday did some studying and reading up of notes and books then went to watch Stepbrothers.. damn funny.. very rude show.. hahaha... really lame and funny....
Anyway, Plaza Singapura GV is under renovation ... so the candy counters popcorn not fresh one... is 'packet' ...
Oh! and HK trip is nearing!! In the midst of planning for the trip cause i will be their 'tourguide' .. so make sure they won't miss out anything.. hahaha.. so much fun to plan .. hehe... but trouble is .. gotta find time for that... luckily boss today in vietnam.. that's why i do my own things.. hehehe...

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