Saturday, April 11, 2009

Of my Long weekend....

It's Saturday, and i am staying at home. How fun!!!
I love seeing my books talking to me, discussing together on what the numbers are talking about..
The welfare equilibrium of labour market, Oh!!! and share prices too!!!!
Isn't my weekend exciting???!!!


Lying is bad, isn't it? .. haha.

Saturday and I have no plans to go out because I spent like 2hrs on one question. damn! .. Plus, mr. bf having lessons till 6.30pm on a Saturday!!!
Well.... nvm. Not that i hae much time to accompany him too. haha...

The only enjoyment for me is going to gym attending dance classes. Makes my relax and healthy after many hours of sitting down.
I have beenlearning to cook too! hehe. Black pepper chicken chop.. wanton soup... next is Pineapple Fried Rice and Dou Miao Vegetable.
=)=)=) ...

Time's up! Back to looking at numbers!!!! I'M LOVING IT!

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