Tuesday, September 14, 2010

was a relaxing weekend.. playing catchup with my favourite fren - Law and Tax. yay!!...-_-"
Practically spent my whole weekend studying and revising since I have not been doing that...
Did have a gathering and chit chat session with family. Been a long time since i actually talked to my brother..

wanted to meet up with 2H but everyone all have their family nightout on different days!!!!
haha... next time must plan family nightout together! haha...

well, i'm gonna drag these two weeks... cause..
I have lessons on both weekends!!!!! plus, need to attend CC lantern festival on 19th. Means i dun have my daytime with mr. bf. and wanna go out with 2H also cannot..and Mr. bf going to China for his quarterly business review on 19th!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(

well, for those who still read my blog, lets go for steamboat!!!! it's been a long time since we had one!.. but.. i'm not available on these days.

18th - 2-5pm
19th - whole day.
25th - afternoon.
26 - not confirm (bowling competition)


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