Sunday, June 24, 2012

Food Marathon

Can't believe I ate so much today!
Enough to feed me 2 days! Definitely hitting e gym next week daily...
Mookata BBQ. Tea. Dessert. OMG.

On a random note, ever wanna try something out of e norm?
We all live in a cycle - child, study, teenage, young adult, working, finding a partner, to settling down and have a family... And this goes on.
Ever thought what's your purpose in life?
I dunno what's mine. And I always wonder all e what ifs .. Options in life u take.
So, I thought to myself, live life once, so I'm gonna take options that I never tried.
First is social dancing.
Then, diving and explore options I never thought I would do.
Sky dive!!! Well if I can find along my trip :)
Speed dating!!! Lol...
Leave e country and road trip for a year is one big leap that I'm tempting....

Well, what's your life outside e comfort zone?

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