Monday, July 02, 2012

Love yourself

This sentence often comes out and your probably heard it.
You cannot please everyone.
Very true.
Someone reminded me this. But I always have this bad habit... thinking about everyone of what they will think. Make sure everyone happy.
Ended up. Try too hard. Make yourself sad.
So... love yourself first.
Tough eh. It's tough for me.
But I'm learning... learning to love myself more and let go.
Ya. I think alot. Really alot.
Can't help it. Haha.

Doesn't matter where u r now, what stage u are going through in your life, create a better one.
Create your own life that you want.
Some philosopher told me. Haha.

You.know what?
I'm gonna create mine. Sweet nice simple and as usual romantic. But this time... with excitements in social life. :)

Had a good news yesterday from my family...
Accepted the fact that I'm probably e only problem in the family. The only worry. Haha.
But appreciate what events in life can change your attitude and perception towards life.
The things u can do for the ones you love.
Will definitely work hard for my future family if I will have one.
So much so for studying n studying n studying. Haha...

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