Friday, October 26, 2012

After down under

yeap. That's what the Aussie would greet you. Localise!

2 weeks over there was amazing. Relaxed, just chilling by the parks and cafes ...
taking time to breathe the fresh air and reading motivating books.
I would say this trip is an absolute refresher for me.
Not like those in HK/BKK where you keep shopping and get tired, this is not. No shopping, just sightseeing and taking your time in everything. Well, that's what you get in Australia.
Everything is slow pace.. which is good. Work-life balance.

Crossing my fingers *** for you know what *** :)

I shall enjoy every moment in life cause you live once. Make it great, make it happy for yourself. Not for others. :):):)


(and, of course, that's my favourite)

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