Saturday, December 15, 2012

Neverending Wishlist

Yea. That's the topic of the month as usual.
Honestly, there's so many things you would like but ... at such times like things... I always get blanked out.
Partly because, you dunno who's gonna give you a gift, and if that person got similar taste etc.
And of course, getting a gift is a PAIN!!! Oh well, squeezing with tons of people is definitely one of them.
Cracking your head and thinking what to get from him/her is also another one.
But I do enjoy walking down the streets of Orchard Road and shopping though.
It's one of the most time in the year that I will hit the road in Orchard. and literally shop!
(cause I've shopped shopping and upgraded myself to online shopping) hee.

This week is like Orchard week. Friday down to Taka for dinner, today went to Mandarin Gallery for an impromptu brunch with mum, and tomorrow gonna shop for gifts!
It's my last weekend to buy!!!! Gosh. December seriously FLIES!!!!

I updated my wishlist to the Santa who's gonna give me a gift. But I hope we are on the same frequency. haha...

Anyway few things I want!!!!
1) Necklace for daily wear!
2) Baby G new series watch
3) Pillow (yes, i know the huh?! is coming out)
4) Inspiring books
5) Track shoes, sport attire.

And the neverending list goes on.... :)

I have so many Santas this year. ;)

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