Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Hello!!! Updates!!
Hmm... blogging right now when i'm in the office... haha.... must blog if not go home sure no time to blog..

------ 01 Nov 2008 --------
erm... last Saturday celebrated Linx Birthday!!! She's turning 22 this Nov 5th... but she looks like 16 yrs old.. damn... Cannot stand beside her... will look old... haha... Dewei look old then ... hahaha ... considering he is always beside her... jk... 'bao xiao mei mei' .. hehe... can say now cause he's in australia so won't see my blog.. hehehe...

Anyway, went to eat steamboat dinner at Parkway... eat until the guys wanna vomit liao .. why? cause yuez ordered 8 portions of 'tung hoon' !!! when there are only 7 people, of which 2 ordered rice liao and 1 ordered bee hoon... haha.. poor guys.. had to finish off the rest leftovers.. hahaha... can see them expanding in widths.. hahaha... jkjk...

After that went to Suntec Kbox instead of the usual Kallang Leisure park because there can sing till closing 4am. Uploaded some pictures... have fun. =)

If you have a closer look, see what's dewei expression??? ... not happy arh!.. haha... don't act cool ok!.. hehe...

Our triplets that night!!!! Very cute!!! We purposedly bought 3 of the same kind cause I wanted to get one for mr. bf then linx also wanted.. then we tot, why don't we buy for ann too? since they are F4.. except one member is missing.. haha.. but damn cute!!! but they don't like leh... haiz... but this aside, look at the picture again...find the difference!!!!

Ans: see the first one, mr dewei's little exposed tummy?? hehehehe.... well, over our dinner, we were laughing at his recently-cute-little-tummy ... haha.. and then while posing, i accidentally captured it.. haha... then after re-taking, it's gone, but see his expression?? hahaha .. like trying to breathe in and suck his tummy in.. hahahaha!!!!!

siao liao.. tink after this blogging, dewei gonna scold me liao... hahaha...

Our FD = Food Director
The Birthday girl and ... her 'young but look older' bf.. hehehe

I have no idea why i did that.. but see the contrast?? crazy vs solemn.. hahaha

Everywhere we go... gamble gamble gamble... but this time no money involve. =) keep up the good work hahaha

See how HUGE this cards are??? yuez bought it in Hong Kong... damn huge until even 2 metres away also can see... cock eye people also can see.. hahaha...

My Darling =)

My Darling too.. =) .. hehe

Mr. Bubble boy

And now cutting cake....

here's the video...


And, we decided to eat ungracefully.... haha... everyone just took a fork and eat.. cause cutting was a hassle.. and we realised .. eating like that seems more fun!!! and we managed to finished everything despite having a big cake.. haha.. so next time must eat like that liao.. more yummy also...

After that, ended at 4am then home sweet home...

-------- 03 Nov 2008 ----------

Happy 5th monthsary baby!! =) .. he appeared at my school and brought me lunch ... =) .. hehe.. Although can't go out cause he's having test.. but nvm .. i must study too.. mock exam coming..

------ Today-------
Going for dinner with family cause my brother birthday is on 6th Nov. Today mr. bf test... Good luck!!!!

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