Monday, November 17, 2008


Just uploading this took me 2 hrs!!! Damn slow... can't upload all... will upload 1 by 1. This video will only be here for a week- so good luck! Hoepfully, you guys faithful enough to come in.. hehe... and *cross fingers* the actors here won't come in.. *prays*

Credits Goes to:

Main Casts: Mr. Fong & Mr. Loi

Lighting-women: Miss. Yak

Camera-women: Miss Lim

Director: Miss Liu (she stood there looking,, so should be Director lor + her bday mah) haha

He he... enjoy ba...

Last weekend went to Food Expo eat alot of rubbish... then go HK Cafe at Siglap ... The next day mr. bf sick liao.. fever at 38.4... haiz... but i managed to do some tutorials ... hehe... achivement..

Left two more weeks to mock exams... and i haven start revising... and now i know why tertiary schools only have maximum 4 subjects per yr.. unlike sec school have 8 subjects... cause 1 subject, I have to study the guide book, lecture notes, presentation slides, and textbook .. and the damn textbook chpt 1 already 30 over pages... haiz.. no wonder i can never finish reading... haiz.. sometimes just like giving up... haiz...

anyway, sunday went to view some units with my brother at AMK. and somone very happy when he heard i might be moving to AMK (guess who??) ... grining from ear to ear... gotta view more units again next week...

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