Monday, September 28, 2009

Long Lost Blog

It's been a long time man. So long didn't blog.

Been super duper busy with work... So many deadlines and finally finished them. Of course, one more coming up again this thursday. -_-"""

Seriously i kinda can't believe that i actually went back to work on PUBLICHOLIDAY!!!! On saturday and on Monday too!!!! And sunday i was at home working on my lappy. can faint man.

Well, the worst has yet to come... haha... no. i think should be.. climbed Mount Fuji already... Coming soon will be coming Mount Everest. cause next week a group of auditors coming in then subsequently another graoup coming in. haiz... they still come in during my corporate reporting period. Deadline=Tuesday! .....

Ok, good news was... i didn't do OT last week!!! hehehe...
Friday evening went to chill with my colleagues at Clarke Quay.. it was quite happening cause they were screening live from F1... We went to eat the famous Ba Kut Teh across The Central then afterwhich went to Clarke Quay to drink and chit chat.

Along the way i saw a damn cool Burger King. At first i didn't think it was Burger King cause outside it absolutely doesn't look like a Burger King although the symbol was the same.

It so don't look like a fast food chain la.

Anyway, went to chill until like 1 plus am before taking cab home with boss.

over the weekend managed to fnd time to myself to go gym cause damn long didn't go liao. and i saw my primary school bestie Jasmine!!!!! She's my favourite in Primary School. Her sister also same class as my 2nd brother that's why we very close. And we used to stay just across the PIE EUnos overhead bridge only. Promised each other to meet up for gym on weekends and find time for Primary School GATHERING!!! Been dying to do that. :)

Then on Sunday went to meet up baby and his sis for lunch at Sakae Sushi.. sort of celebrate their end of "daily test". Last week both of them (same class) had test EVERYDAY!!! just after the lecturer finish teaching one day's of lesson.... damn crazy.
So sunday they finally finished, so went to celebrate and also treat his sister cause her sister turns 21st today!!!!!!!!!!!!


I feel so old... :(:( ... but!!! Someone is joining the club too! hehehe...
It's true when u hit 21, it feels at though everyday your age will increase. like a blink of an eye i am 23 liao. OMG.

Then after that went to teach tuition before going to SAFRA Tampines Sakura to celebrate my Godpa's Mum's 80th birthday. FEAST!!!.. hahaha...

After that, went back home and discussed about my brother's wedding liao. damn tired.

Coming up is Mr CHIA THIAM ANN's ROM!!!!!!!!!!!
First in our group...
Just so it happens, it's baby and mine monthsary.hahah... so qiao. plus it's mooncake festival.

Oh! talking about mooncake. kaoz. everydaytea time must eat moon cake lor cause so many vendors give us mooncake and cannot don't finish cause everyday got at least 2 boxes.... sianz...
now i always try and "siam" during tea break... try to go un-noticed. hehehe...

Ok, late liao. need to sleep. i need rest. Panda coming to find me very soon.

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