Sunday, October 11, 2009


BACKLOG!!!! okay, our dear Mr. Chia has officially been NOT AVAILABLE as of 3rd October 2009.
Another journey of his life. Status: NOT ELIGIBLE.
haha.. ROM was at Jewel Box - Black Opel.
Not gonna upload much cause it's too many photos liao. just goona upload a few that's crazy. heheh...

Weel, having nothing to do after the dinner, some crazy stuff came into mind. Then we realised... Mr Tan is such a graceful potential dancer. eh? ... hehehe.... just look at his posture. wao kaoz. standard. hahahahhaaha................... damn funny...

my baby definitely isn't a great ballet person. hahaha... =p
Then, came the two monkeys, jumping and swinging on the pole.

Well, who's next?
anyway, then last wednesday, accompanied my brother for his outdoor photo shoot. damn tiring man. took us around 4 hrs for ourdoor photo shoot.
Caution: Never choose all your photo shoots (idoor & outdoor) in one day. it's tiring.


ok, that's about it.
hmm, next sunday afternoon gonna hve a primary school gathering!!! been like 17 yrs since I last saw my classmates? hahaha... excited!!!
and my dearie yuez moved house yesterday!!!! the distance between us seem even longer. =(=( .. but against all odds, i still love her. =)=)
Looking forward to her HOUSEWARMING!!!!
My contact ending soon! I seriously need a break!!!!!

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