Thursday, May 27, 2010

Yay it's long weekend!!!
but i'm not that happy cause, i'm working over the weekend.
it seems practically every weekend for this month and next month, i will be working over weekends... :(
anyway, tomorrow going to FOOD EXPO wif mr. loi!!!! :) very long didn't really hang out liao.. cause both of us worked on our weekends. hahaha..
and, linx is still at Korea, ann & wife at HK, think via also went...
Everyone is going on holiday!!!

This week, one employee got sacked, immediately... cause she hasn't been performing up to standard for a very long time. Everyone got shocked cause she worked for more than 20 years.
haiz. Everyone is like so worried and coming to work on a thin thread.
Mood is affected, morale low... haiz. sianz.

Oh, by the way, GINVERA MARVEL GEL WITH GREEN TEA EXTRACTS works wonders!!!!
It is really good, can wipe out your blackheads in 30 rubs!!!!
Although it gives the green tea smell which i dun really like, but overall i think it's worth the money and no need to exfoliate!!!!
You should try!!!!!

Currently trying a new Jap brand that just came in. Caught this online last year... then saw this in stores now.. will update and see if it's good!!!

:) happy long weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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