Friday, May 07, 2010

Last weekend Activities

Last week, mr. bf and I watch IP Man 2 ---> IT WAS GREAT FANTASTIC WONDERFUL!!!
Anyway, yup, after that, went to Changi Airport cause nothing to do... then shun bian wait for linx to knock off cause we meeting to play Monopoly..
So, we took 2hrs to tour around our Best International Airport.
It really changed alot... many restaurants , which most of them had long queues....
Then we saw a revamped area for looking at the airplanes... Most insights to airport... like those "Do you Know?" Facts.. quite nice..
After that, went to get Popeye's but it was super duper long queue!!!
After that, went to yuez house to chit chat until 3am... (I selpt at 1am though) hahaha.... :)

POPEYE'S ..................

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