Sunday, June 27, 2010

has been super busy, always playing catching with my best fren - Time.

Many colleagues are quitting... but not yet hiring.
My counterpart fromo another dept is quitting.. meaning no FP&A over there. hopefully this doesn't mean doubling up for them.

June fly past so fastwith just doing next year plan. and it's just the start. haiz.
July starting school again.
Finally got my exemptions! Having to start school, means sacrificing my remaining extra "me" time to revision. my "me" time already so little.
think mr. loi is complaining too cause every weekends during june, i spent my saturdays in office, sunday still work.
Plus, more scope for me coming up as i'm taking over inventory side too.

This June so many bad things happen to me... phone lost, additional new scope in hand, expectations of me getting higher, always getting frustrated and moody because of my work...
... hmm, think phone lost is the major thing. hahaha...

But this June someone is so lucky.... On MY paper, even his GM also comment.. new toy to play, no need to on his laptop to work during weekends!

I kinda forgot wad i did this month. haha...
oh, mahjong - which i lost $50 bucks to the same person AGAIN. (Read: Yuez) hahaha..
hmm, no meetups at all ...
then, watching world cup matches whenever i can...
Just last week, went out with colleagues for dinner, a farewell dinner for my counterpart, mr ben, who's last day is July 2nd. Went to makan, then went CHIJMES but all fully booked!!!... so we headed down to Prinsep st. to watch. Ordered bucket of beer + martinis while watching the match.
it's damn easy to go out to drink and watch matches today cause we all end very late. In fact, this colleague of mine who's leaving is even steadier than me. Always tend to get out of office only at 3/4am. haha...
i vowed to myself not to do that. :)

hopefully before my school starts which is 2nd week of july, i can meet up with everyone else better i go missing again. haha.

suddenly just wondering if i can take leave on my bday not. haha. according to schedule, i think we have a submission on that period. argh. anyways... random lar.

mr. loi going for reservist next month. for 2 weeks i think.

ok, think that's about it. can't think of other stuff other than my submission work next week. haha.
have fun u guys.

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