Monday, July 12, 2010

World cup is finally over!! No more super early nights. (although i didn't manage to stay through the 2-4am) .. haha....
Last Saturday went to Ann house for monopoly session plus semi finals... but in the end.. because someone.. (Ahem! Yuez) didn't make it, we watched two movies, ate 12 wings & each a noodle cooked especially by Ann's wife, before proceeding to the Semi finals.
And i slept. hahaha...
But the two shows that we watched was nice! The Edison show was damn funny!!! think it's called 7girls & 1 ghost bah.
anyway, tomorrow mr loi will be going reservist liao. so i'm all alone. with my books. and my lappy.
I seriously hardly get to go out except for last saturday that i managed to at least meet up with them.
Schooling for the two days is not making things any better too. argh. but i kinda look forward to them cause it's quite interesting leh.
hmm.. hopefully this feeling will go on until after exams. hahaha..

Also had a family dinner two weeks ago. .to celebrate Fathers' Day. yea. i know it's damn long ago. but heck. where got time? my mummy work night shift then the whole week cannot liao.
so we went to macpherson there ate the "He Ping restaurant" near Ann house.
Mummy say nice. My bro and I say "where got nice??? So-So only lor".... pls so ex!!!!
Oh, and my second brother got a new gf!!! hehehe... dunno steady not one leh..
hopefully bah...
Plus, i haven seen my eldest for the longest time. and the first thing he saw me was.
"WHAT DID U DO TO YOUR HAIR?" I felt like slapping him... he always does that to make me nervous and embarassed about my new hair. Then he told me he is going to ENGLAND for 2 weeks!!!!!!!!! and travelling with Bed and breakfast along the way!!!!! JEALOUS!!!!!
Aug 3rd then come back. Then i say, just nice to bring me my present...
then BOTH brothers go "eh, today got soccer match not arh?" ...
Sutpid idiot...
Anyway, i managed to persuade them to buy my a present. hehehe..
see lar. my two brothers like that one. must BEG to force them to get me a pressie. hahaha..
well, that's our culture actually .. hehehe..
am still thinking whether to ask them sponsor half of my exam fees or get my an Iphone. hehehe..
I think i badly need an iphone.. but then.. exam fees more important hor? ... haiz...
think i'm gonna indulge myself in a present for myself. need a wallet but i can't find nice ones.
My current wallet has been with my so long ( given by my second brother) ... and i have yet to see any nice ones. my colleague suggested me to get branded cause it's long lasting.
I looked at her and gave the -_-""" ... i said "not worth it. my this wallet can last me for at least 5 yrs also leh. even though branded is nice but also the same one lar. i also no money. u give me lor.. " Then my colleague replied "this fishball noodle taste weird today... "......
hahha... all my colleagues all very cute.
think i'm ranting more and more. must end.
haiz. i need a break!!!!!
Feel like booking tix to Taiwan leh. hmm...

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