Monday, July 26, 2010

Happening Events over the weekend

Ok, not much talking. Summary:

Went Dragonboating with my colleagues plus Interns. It was fun!!! first time tried this sport. From Kallang to Marina Barrage and back. Butt hurt, shoulder hurts.
Next, booked Fairmont Hotel to watch fireworks (sponsored by one of our Project Manager). The view was MAGNIFICANT!!!!! I can like just stay there forever!!!...
21st floor, with habourbay view. Plus with the fireworks of the NDP. haiz. damn wonderful. dunno how to explain. but just... FANTASTIC.
Played games and had fun.
After that was Shape Run in the morning. Had a not bad run. was late, and had trouble running thru ppl who were walking at the start point. Dunno wad time I clocked. need to check it out.
Hope i did it within my own timing. :)
Colleagues asked me to try 10km.....
Now, whole body aching................. hahaha...
This week, more fun. CHALET!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think all my weekends are like booked already. hahah.... Love August :D

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