Friday, August 13, 2010

my birthday surprise 2010

And i tot i would be in singapore. hahaha...
Got half day on friday to go out with mr bf. and he surprised me with a trip to Desaru Beach the next day for 3 days! hehehe... .
Didn't upload so many photos cause it took me a long time to get these few photos up.. argh...
anyway, it was a good trip... he booked a suite!!! which is two storey one!.. really slept for good long hours and slacking by the beach.
Food was good too.. All seafood for the two days *so sinful*..
Well, time spent together was fulfilling too. it's been some time when we can just sit and relax and talk things beside work related! hahaha..
well, let the pictures do the talking bah. next update will be Mr. Loi's graduation which happened today!!!! :)
Meeting linx & yuez for dinner too tmr!

our first meal at Desaru. Rhu bar by the beach

two storey suite

wore my t-shirt!!!!! now the shirt is loose!!!
walk by the beach

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