Monday, August 30, 2010

Wala wala on friday with colleagues with did OT.
Common People was playing... not bad. but i think Good old fellas are better though.
drank, chill, talk rubbish. went home at 2.30am.
woke up at 7.30 to send my bro to ferry terminal for his short trip.
Kite flying at tampines on sat. My first time. it was fun!!!
it's kinda nice to just sit and chill and take it slow. :)
maybe we should organise another one soon??

After that, went to yuezz house .. play and talk for hours.... until 6.30am.. -_-"""
i dozed off at 4 i think.. hahaha...
damn tired.

but it was a seriously good talk.
each has its own troubles. but to be able to hold on and stay strong, it's damn tough.
Learn to get up when we fall is one of the greatest achievement.
Jiayou everyone! we can do it!

This week will be damn tired with closing ...sianz.

OH!!!! saw this news... damn shocked and kinda... curious. is this his second marriage??
Go google... OMG....

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