Monday, October 11, 2010

i think i'm super reluctant to type my free days. cause.. I HAVE NO MORE FREE DAYS!!!

I have warehouse count this coming weekend.
next week got extra classes...
and by then it's end of the month, and guess wad? My mock exams is on 9th Nov. and 12th Nov.
Super not good.
Haven even study.
honestly, i really dun wanna fail. and really wanna do well... but Time is not on my side.
Often have to work late... not because i want to. but... u cannot don't work ot in here. u will never get your reports out by then. and they will screw u using emails.

Well, this is a super emo post. so might wanna cross it out if it affects yr mood.
i dunno why. somehow i feel that there's alot of pressure on passing this stupid acca thing. cause alot of my colleagues sayd that it's damn difficult to pass. and the fact is, only 46% pass tax. one of the most challenging papers.
i kinda feel that everyone is waiting for me to fail. cause i'm the youngest. hahaha.
plus, these few days i made some errors in my report... and everyone was like shooting emails here and there at night while i went to study....
and i missed one of the deadline. argh. damn shit.
although i try and stay nonchalent, but deep down, i'm just pissed off with myself. haiz.
getting up at 6.30am and finishing the day at 1230am doesn't seem easy anymore.
just mentally drained.
but what to do. Accountant life eh.
Going to PWC also the same i guess.

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