Sunday, October 24, 2010


Someone woke me up from my mental state yesterday.
He was worried I may end up in depression.
I lied down and started thinking about myself.
The truth is, yes... i think alot. i worry alot of things that sometimes, it's beyond my control. I worry things that might happen months way ahead.
I know this is something i need to change. But it really takes time.
All my life since my family separated, I knew i had to stand up alone and be independent.
that's when i start to think alot.. and to push myself to the limits.
I can't stop. cause i already took a break of 2 yrs after JC.
But maybe, it's really time to just rest abit.
The reason why i hit the roof yesterday was probably because of many factors.
My leadership growth plan that i did last week, gave me alot of stings.
My boss commented that i am doing perfectly well, but she expects more because she thinks i can reach further.
There's a section of what's my career interest. That took me 3hrs to think about.
and of course, i still have my exam to worry about. honesty, i just pray i can get 50marks.
2 more weeks is my mock exam.

I guess i might need to take things slightly slower. better go for yoga lessons instead.

thanks mr. honeybee. for waking me up from all my problems. and lending yr shoulders whenever i'm down.

1 more month. and that's it.

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