Monday, November 15, 2010

My Last Post.....be4 exams. And Wishlist!

Haha... This is gonna be the one and only post before I go for boot camp studying for my exams in Dec.
Took quite a number of days leave just to study.
Decided to blog cause so long didn't blog and i sort of have nothing to do now, just waiting for my colleague..
Well, this month is pretty hectic. many bday celebrations... Linx was over....
Last weekend my. bf randomly brought me to sentosa to watch the fireworks.. :):):) ... and that one the only time i spent with him for the last weekend...
tomorrow will be my 2 colleagues bday which we will be going for steamboat at bugis.

After which, i will be on leave for the wole week!!! MUG MUG MUG!

hmm, just now wahile shopping for my colleague's gift, was walking along vivo.. the xmas tree is pretty!! the shopping mall is up with deco.. haiz.. i wish for xmas to come!!!!!
Festive season!!! 2011 is coming!!! hahaha....
Time to go shopping! cause i miss shopping... haven been going for a walk for a very long time...

Oh, talking about that. hehe.... My wishlist for Christmas!!! i know it's early lar... but prepare u all mah... cannot meh? Or can also be "post exam gift" mah... hehehe...
No lar, was actually reading one of the mag and it caught my eye. Think of getting a training watch. It can help monitor your heart rate, measure your speed/performance which i think i should get one since I now often go running, plus the fact that my resolution will include running 10km-thon. :D:D
That's my goal... hehehe... Standard Chartered Marathon.

The polar watches are the ones that really quite good and has a lot of features... was seeing their webby and i got too many choices... thinking which one i should get.. though i dunno how much would one cost. Seriously, i think i'm gonna get one so that i know if i'm burning fat or improving performance.

Hmm, wanna get bag!!!!!! shoe!!!!! hehe... oh oh oh... camera!!! hahhaha... ok, i think i'm just stating everything i can think of.

maybe while i suddenly think of something then i will write ba.. hahaha...
Not to worry, my wishlist will not be empty!

OH! I wanna go Margaritas and try their food!!!.....

See ya soon!!!!

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