Saturday, February 05, 2011

wow. guess no one will look at this blog anyways. haha. but this is just my area of anger management, and feelings inside me , that one day i will be able to see my younger days.

It chinese new year chu 3. but this year's so boring. nothing much.. haiz.
Left tomorrow's last day then back to work again.

Guess i can't quit finance industry as yet. cause everyone is against it. want me to try another year in another company and if it still doesn't work out, i can do what i like.
Well, yes, finance industry is thriving and pay is also lucrative. but, the stress level. bth. unless i join small firms ba.. no need to memorise US GAAP, IFRS, Singapore Tax rules.. i guess.. MNC just expects yr brains to remember all sorts of things. and esp. when im in analyst, they expect u to remember what was the initial planned sales number in round 1 when we have been through 4 rounds of changing numbers?
haiz. guess it's different culture ba. many ppl are quitting. and that explains itself.
definitely quitting, but just thinking wad should be my next step of "trying". Audit? MNC? different industry?
audit will be same working hours like what i'm doing now. expect to work till 12mn. OFTEN.
well, confused. take my time to think bah.

With all the holidays for the past week, think i need to work late nights to meet US deadline again. damn.

This year's gonna be exciting for me. Brother getting married. I need to start planning my future. Hoepfully, everything will go well this year.
and yup, start learning cooking. actually, i'm rather pleased with myself that I can manage cleaning the house, washing clothes, ironing, and keeping the house clean without any help. :)
kinda great achievement for me considering that it's my first time in my life doing all the chores myself. *claps* :):):)
I wanna be a "can go in kitchen, can go out living room" woman. (chinese direct translation) hehehe...

Valentine's day coming... i have no ideas!!! i'm so gonna die. :(

Happy New Year all! Let's jiayou for 2011!!!!

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