Sunday, March 20, 2011

My life now

Ok am trying to use notes and see if I can upload text to my blog cause I have been neglecting and underground tunnels is the best way that I have time to blog.
Since 2011, I have been busy and have no 'Me' time already cause it's spent on washing clothes, cleaning toilet, mop floor, change bedsheet, iron.. Aiya u name it I've done it.
And because of this, I have spent lesser time with bee cause I need to study too.. This year lagi jialat. Professional papers. Heard they are killers.
Btw, in case u didn't know. I passed my both papers last sem!! Woots!!! Heng man!!!
But this sem dunno got so lucky not cause heard many ppl stopped at professional papers cause they keep failing ...
Every sat got class then I have two more months to exam liao but I haven studied yet... It's damn difficult to listen attentively for 3 hours man.
Well, gotta stop here. Next stop clementi. Prays this works.

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