Friday, June 17, 2011

Post exam review

After so long.... Decided to reblog. Haha. It's a place to speak my mind.
Exams are finally over and it's time for play!!! It's a different feeling when I was taking Fundamental papers and now, Professional paper. Stress level is high.
Hence, have decided to take things slow, enjoy the pace of life and appreciate the process. Shall be taking only 1 paper this semester, also in case if I fail la.... Haha... *choy*!

Am thinking of re igniting my love for dance and also start learning a new language. :):)

Gonna plan for lots of meetup!!! Tomorrow is my first play! 2H!!!

Also, I have rejected the offer of a Regional role. It may be a big opportunity cost (because it's a regional role), but to me, the counter offer was something that I am looking forward. Theres a change in job scope which I wanna learn, and of course, lesser OT!!! Hahaha.... Also, of cuz, they met the terms of the other party and a promotion. To me, regional position may be a huge promotion, but right now, I dun need regional in my resume. To be able to learn other area is what I wanted.
But! I was stupid to reject a competitor opportunity. Damn! Well, forget it. Next time ba. Haha.

Sales are here but I haven got a chance to shop!!! I wanna get a polaroid!!!! And also clean up my room. I have 2 cupboard of clothes (yes. That's right) am gonna clear old clothes so that I can throw 1 cupboard and buy a study table :):):)

Okays. Time for work.

Enjoy the process of life. We only live once. Embrace and start loving yourself! :)

Oh, and I love my boy. :):):):):)

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