Friday, July 22, 2011

Kukup Trip 16-17 July

Went for a short trip to Kukup with a roup of friends.. some are colleagues, some are unknown frens whom we got to know each other in the trip. We are all quite open and "anything" so it was easy to break the ice and had some fun.

Kukup is actually a nice place to take a break. Although very poor living condition, the place is very laid back and very very BEAUTIFUL sunset.
Our "chalet" had seaview, and our huge balcony can see the sunset. :):):)
Just amazing, because u hardly get to see the sunset unless u r uber free.

The place is like a chalet where it's double check beds, and one floor can fit up to 20 ppl. Minimum 10 to go. The owner arrange mini van transport to pick us up at singapore and go directly over there.

What i love about there is u do not have to do anything!!!! The package ($85/pax) includes transport, and 6 meals within 2D1N!!!! And they serve you! By the time you reach there is noon, so the meals starts from there.... Lunch, tea break, dinner (BBQ), supper, Breakfast, Lunch.
Seriously, you just keep eating and eating. hhaaha...

what to do? walk around the kampong, ... i like cause it's different from Singapore. The place is actually above sea level, so the houses aer built above it using bamboos etc. like fishing village. Their famous product is dried shrimp/ fish.

You can also play mahjong (there's 4 tables) and there's KTV too. So 4 of us played mahjong and the rest sing KTV taking turns. Quite good. Everyone is entertained.

Did lots of cuts for the jump pose.. it was hilarious.

After BBQ dinner, we spent quite a lot on the fireworks.. it's beautiful.. :) my fav.
After supper, we put the kong ming deng.

It's pretty relaxing and laid back lifestyle. kinda like it. not like singapore. everyone rushing here and there.

Tmr off for another trip again. Malacca! Brother's wedding over there :) .. Another excuse to go shop and eat. hehe...

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