Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Aftermath

I've got to admit I'm not as young and happening as before. 2 days of late night sleeping and partying, the next day I spent my whole day sleeping till 3pm.
Gosh! First time sleeping till so late!

Christmas eve eve had a party at my place with some colleagues + frens.
Just 6 of us, drinking all night long. It was bad. vomited. haha... All because of the last 11 shots.
No more of such things.

Headed to Ann's place for BBQ night & had lots of fun!!!
I think the highlight of the night was Ann getting Ben's present - The REAL shower head!!! lol...
Fainted man!!

The guy + girls

the irresistable gays' affection

Think it will be joke of the year man!

Having a family gathering tonight - food again. haha.. gotta slim down and go gym after this...

This Christmas is one that I probably will not forget.
Finally had another first. First of many?
Well, shattering.

Remember to make your Resolutions!!! :)

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