Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Festive Sparkles

I always love Christmas the most cause everywhere is lit up with beautiful lightings!!!

Plus, the cold weather (minus the rain) makes it feels like winter... well... FEEL la... haha

Have not done my shopping rounds but am planning to do some rush hour grabs soon! cause i'm left with 5 days!!!

Was walking at Bugis and saw someone wearing Chanel wearing and necklace. I went online to browse but dun have!!! I think it's not sold in Singapore? Thought of treating myself to a gift after getting salary, but, suan le. Save $$$ since cannot buy.... but isn't it pretty? I dun really like Chanel la... but then, it really caught my eye..

Went to sort of celebrate my boy's birthday on last Sunday at Mandarin MELT buffet. It's fabulous!!! I ate lots of oysters!!!! Super fresh! It's festive season so they serve more meaty stuff like turkey. Not bad, but their seafood & desserts still rocks!

wanted to bring him to Flyer, but he didn't want cause he said we all said it's nothing nice. (so dun complain ah)... hehehe

didn't take pictures on phone, but took some polaroids. I'm looking polaroids!!! :)

Their xmas decorations

Next year is gonna be hectic, so i'm still comtemplating whether to continue my studies next year or stop for a year before I continue so that I can concentrate on my house + wedding plans for next year. hmm.... whatcha think?

Now is a more relaxed season with many colleagues going on leave, and doing new role (finally!).. less OTs for me!!!! :):):) and of cuz, that's y u see me updating here hahaha...

Next year's gonna be a good year! (i hope!)

What's in for you next year? Loves. :)

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