Saturday, March 30, 2013

Shaking March

March is pretty hell of a hectic month... Many meetups too.
First was Abbott's D&D Retro theme!
Fun to see so many ppl dressing up and feels like the channel 8's old shows...
The most happening part was after the D&D because most of them were already very high.. and first time opened a $1,000 table! It's a 3L Bereveda something.. and..
I think all of us enjoyed ourselves because it's the first time in Abbott that so many of us actually went clubbing together. 20+ pax!!!
And all different functions and still have Directors.. hahaha...
I love this company people. Fun loving bunch. not the work though. heh.

Here's some memories...

My boss who has left us... :(

Nicely painted.. .Director Jeremy Ong.. super onz..

The Team!

And.. the atas club. 72nd floor. New Asia Bar!

The $1,000 bottle.

The winner of the night! "Jacqueline" - His real name is Jack Lim. Apt eh?

Oh well..... sensored... haha

Mr. Global.

My favourite funny guy! He always had a bottle of beer in his hands!!! And he's the merlion!!!

Well, the fun was over.. and I had to drag myself up for a concall the next morning... Heng I can wake up. haha..

That same weekend, we had a BBQ for Finance team. Occasion was actually a farewell for my boss. Time well spent with playing with the kids and playing stupid games like... Pepsi Cola 1 2 3 ... lol...

Last week, my family went for high tea! first time go high tea at such an atas place.
Nice ambience and definitely seeing everyone get together spending quality time... heartwarming.
Seeing two little kids growing up.. :)

Some of you who know, this news have gave me lots of worry, unrest and many sleepless nights.
I don't know how long I can bear, and I don't know how long I can keep this from my family.
Very soon, I will going for operation, and probably not gonna meet up for sometime.
I pray, this will be the one and only operation. And no other therapy required.
Pray for me okie?

Cherish the people around you.

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