Saturday, April 27, 2013

Before April ends

Tried recapping what I did during April... but ... I got nothing except the latest Krabi trip which I will pen it down soooon....

The only most happening thing is I have change my hairstyle. Curled and coloured.
Freaking ex. $600. The most expensive hair in my life.
But I can say I really like the service and the hairstylist Sam. Was introduced by my colleague who is a regular there.
The salon is located at Ngee Ann City called Chez Vous. Beside Best Denki.
Colour in picture not very obvious though.

Shouldn't have went to do my hair before the Krabi trip. Cause the curl and colour is so damaging already. Still went to beach area... haha...
This trip was a well spent one, and a very relaxing one.
When I came back, my colleagues were saying I look happier, but dunno is because of the hair or of the trip. Lol...
Definitely, it was a refresher and a good getaway before May comes.
I hope I will continnue to keep my spirits up though. haha..

The date has been confirmed, 15th May, at MEH. Most probably will be on 2 week hospitalisation leave, so may not be able to meet up during these two weeks.
Sometimes it's so contradicting. I used to think how will I ever utilise my hospitalisation leave....
Now I know... I rather not utilise it. :(

krabi soon.....

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