Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Tangerine at Resort World Sentosa

Exams are just 2 more weeks ahead and I spent my weekends on intensive revisions and self studies.. because I also signed up for mock exam coming up this Saturday... (why did I do this?)
Somemore saturday mock exam is at night 6.30-9.30pm... :(
I hope I can keep up the momentum of studying everyday till my exam and hope I pass!
With this new job, practically everyday I get to go home at 5.15-5.30pm.. and reach home before 6.30pm. Life is... really much better some would say. But, guess it's still too early to decide if this is really the lifestyle I want. haha...
So, spent my Vesak day with the boy for a mini date! Been neglecting him during weekends, and now till exams are over, it's just gonna be dinner dates/ lunch dates.
And we went to Tangerine at ESPA Resort World Singapore!

Tangerine is located in ESPA, which is very popular for its prestigious spa.
What makes Tangerine unique is that its menu promotes a healthy and nutritious meal without foresaking the delicious taste.
The menu has symbols like Fit for life, Weight Management, De-stress and Intro to Detox.
Also, it list down the amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat information so that you know what you are eating.  

We ordered:
 Chef Sam Leong's Asian-inspired Pomelo and Coconut Salad with Prawns for appetizer
Herbal Chicken Soup with Hokkaido Scallop & Cordycep Flower for Soup.
The salad was very refreshing, and the soup was damn good. Felt very nourished when I drank, and the taste seems like it has been boiled over long hours. Must try!

For the mains:
Braised Mee Sua with something-i-forgot (hehe)
Sous Vide Salmon with Red Capsicum Puree and Tamarind Sauce
The salmon was fantastic!!! The best I had, even better than MBS.
Definitely MUST TRY!!! It's not expensive, think was $22+ ard there.
It's slow cooked so it taste like raw, but it's actually all fully cooked. Very soft!

To get there:
There are shuttle bus from Hotel Michael and Festive Hotel to get to ESPA. It will stop at Equarius Hotel. The bus comes every 15 min interval. The queue is just outside the "Adam & Eve" sculpture.

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