Saturday, May 03, 2014

Cycling Route from ECP

This morning, we went for a cycling trip with my ex-boss!!! And I'm super burnt now! Didn't expect we would travel sooo far and explored further places.
So we went from ECP, from Fort Road to Tanjong Rhu then to Gardens by the Bay.

After that, we crossed over to Marina Barrage for a pit stop rest.

Toured around Gardens by the Bay illegally... (we weren't supposed to ride inside) haha..
Then to MBS.
Thereafter, we took a damn brave decision to try going to the new Cruise Centre since all of us never been there. Super wrong decision. Cause it was damn hot. Scorching sun!!! By right, we were supposed to U-turn back then we wouldn't be caught in the afternoon sun.
Anyway, the cruise centre is quite desserted. Guess there'll only be crowd when there's ship. Otherwise, not a single soul!!!

Some beautiful flowers along the way. Lovely! :)

Alright, that's all for now. Damn tired. And I'm gonna slap lots of Aloe Vera gel on myself!

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