Sunday, June 08, 2014

Boring post.

Wasn't feeling too well... don't know if it's the weather. been feeling sick-ish and no mood.
Hence, cancelled outings and only did simple stuff.
Went PC Show on Friday right after work since it's sooo convenient now..
And bought this red baby back!!!
It's my 2nd laptop I bought and it's red again!
My first was Sony Vaio Red.
Lenovo S410. Bought at a cheap price of $849! budget abit lah...
Considering I don't play games, don't chiong movies...
this is good enough for me I guess. #boringlife

On Saturday, the boy and I went for a movie date after a 3 week hiatus of not going out. haha..
He was in reservist and me, ... obviously mugging.
Watched the Edge of Tomorrow by Tom Cruise! It's a bit boring starting because it repeats and repeats the same scenes... haha.. Shall not say much. .. but after that it was quite good lah.
worth the watch :)
Had a simple dinner before going back home to rest cause was feeling sick just going out for a short while.
And when you have nothing to do but rest, you start typing away here... haha...
Hope I'll be better next week!!!

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