Monday, June 30, 2014

JB day trippin

After so long, we finally pinned a date for our JB day trip!
Can't remember when was the last time BANANAS actually went out man... this year lagi worse.. they are going to Bali in December!!! There goes our annual Christmas affair~~...
Anyways... coming back to the topic.
Our lunch in JB is the standard usual Bak Kut Teh. But this time round, I brought them to Soon Soon Heng which is just across KSL. We used to go the one at Taman Sentosa. I just recalled this place was recommended by 4F peeps.
Luckily we reached slight earlier and beat the crowd.
Oh! There's a bus from the interchange that goes to KSL by the way. We usually take taxi but this time we had Sylvia joining so taking bus is really quite convenient! I think next time can take bus better. haha... RM1.50 only!!!
Note: Most photos were taken by Karin. Lazy me didn't take photo.
This is the ultimate saver for such a hot day! Ai yu jelly drink!
Very refreshing and not very sour.

The no garlic smell and non peppery Malaysian style BKT! Their sesame chicken claypot is fantastic too!

After that, we walked to Holiday Plaza to check out massage places and also did our nails!
My first time doing nails there... and it's so cheap!!!!
Long time never do nails, so suddenly got craving to do!!! :)
Tried this nails lab and it's not bad!
It's at Holiday Plaza, 3rd Floor, Unit F7.
Tel: 07-331 4105
They got a huge TV playing movies too while you do your nails.

The virgin boys doing a SPA Pedicure!! hehehe...
Psycho-ed them to do. Never do before try lor... somemore it's good to once in a while scrub that dead cells at your ball of your foot!

And, my finished product! First, it's my first time choosing a baby pink-ish colour. Second, my very first time drawing such sweet stuff!
The staff asked me whether wanna draw anything, I said anything lah. I thought will have patterns only which usually the case when I do it in Singapore. Didn't expect... ribbons..... haha...
But quite nice lah. so... I shall be more demure these few weeks. To it my nails theme. haha...
Overall, I think it's quite affordable. But there are other little shops which are cheaper as well.
I think Holiday Plaza prices are definitely much cheaper than KSL or City Square.
I did a Spa Classic Mani & Pedicure with the drawings cost about RM130. Spa is a lot more expensive, so do one time can liao. Nothing much fantastic, except your legs look shiner and moisturized. Never try before? Try once. :)
Next up: KTV Session! Super cheap! medium room (6-8pax) cost RM98 for 3 hrs.
Had lots of fun singing and laughing!
Our Msian-but-don't-like-Msia friend drove us to this Pekin restaurant which serves great food!!!

This cod fish fried with some sauce is super nice!!! Usually cod fish is best with steam, but this place is famous for its fried cod fish. My favourite!!!

"Paper wrap chicken" - one of their must order dish too!

You either like this or you don't. The sauce has very strong wine taste. If you like to drink, maybe you will like this. haha... it taste abit too strong for me. But the lala was big!!!

We also ordered a Beancurd tofu which we all forgot to take. But it's surprisingly my 2nd favourite dish. hahaa.. taste quite special with a little spinach inside.
All in all, the bill came up to RM270 for 6 pax dinner.. super worth it!
Shall try and make this more often! Craving for more delicious food at cheap prices!!!
Oh, and durians are in the season right now! Fantastic excuse to go in eh?
hehehe... when's my next JB trip????!!!!
 Been thinking about when I can go for a long trip ... but doubt I'll be travelling this year... trying my best to save up quickly to repay every next year and then can travel without thinking about debts.
And always feeling bad towards the boy cause cannot travel together, though he has been really supportive towards my debt free days...
Wish I could do a short trip somewhere this year ...


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