Saturday, April 11, 2015

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. Phuket 2015 Part 2

On our second day, we both went gym (yes, I managed to psycho him!) and chanced upon a table tennis room! Oh, it brought back so much memories of playing table tennis back in school days.... ahh... those days..
He managed to beat me and then told me he was in school team. What?! Should have given me handicap right?! Unfair.
But well, it was an enjoyable moment playing together. :)
Then, we ventured other beaches using the motor cycle we loaned for 24 hours.
It was seriously hot that sitting on a bike get suntanned faster than if you were at the beach.
Because of the heat, we didn't have the mood to eat as well, hence we just brought some food at the mart and bring it to the beach to relax, enjoy the breeze.
It was really much cooling under the coconut tree and enjoying our romantic beach picnic. hehe.
Mid afternoon, we returned the bike and stayed in our hotel and enjoy the facilities - Swimming pool, tan, and drinking coconut juice. Enjoyment. Life is great just like that.
Personal opinion, the swimming pool is quite impressive for this so-so hotel. Didn't expect this though.
We bought Fantasea tickets and went for it at 6pm. The bus picked us up and sent us there.
This is my first time and I was quite amazed by the grandness of this place.
Thought it would be only a small place, but it looks big.
Because I was so hungry, we went for dinner first. The dinner is buffet and it was big! Like Expo hall size. Note that when you enter, walk straight to eat first, don't go right side and take picture because they will think you have eaten your dinner, and cannot go back into the dining hall again.
When you exit, you have time to take picture.
You will be allocated seats when you purchased your tickets, so just go to your assigned seats to eat.
Dinner was good!


We decided to have some fun before entering the show and played all the kiddy stuffs. And he won! haha... :) He is good at shooting games, think that's what his NS trained him well.

Overall, I enjoyed the show and think it's worth watching one time. But I wouldn't go back and watch again.
Our next day was just totally nua until just eat, swim, massage. haha...
Went to this apparently popular food place, called No. 6 Restaurant near Bangla.
Soup is great! :)
But noodle.. not good.

Till the next holidays! :)




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