Saturday, April 04, 2015

Eat. Beach. Sleep. Repeat. - Phuket 2015

Ah. Being back from a super relaxing beach break - Phuket.
Booked this during some fare sale and just do it.
Phuket wasn't on our "to-go" list but heck it. We need a break!
Booked sea sun sand resort which is near the end of patong beach.
It's true that most reviews says it's confusing because you have to change lifts here and there to get to your rooms.
But that's a minor issue.
To me, the major issue was the sound proofing was bad. People close door and hear very loud.
But i'm on holiday, so having the seaview, sunset view, and the pool view was just comforting for me.

Since it was already close to dinner time, we decided to take a walk down the beach and over to Junceylon for a nice good dinner. GGH wasn't feeling well, hence we went for steamboat at MK Gold Restaurant.
Ordered ala carte and had a very filling meal. Cost ard $40 for 2. The most expensive went to the shabu shabu meat.
Went around for a walk and just within 1 year of returning back here, Junceylon is getting very international. There's even Pandora there! Sometimes I kinda hope that such places don't so internationalised so that it keeps the local feel and us, tourists, can appreciate their culture.
Most of the people shopping inside are all tourist, I wonder does the locals visit...

Settled down early in preparation for the next whole day event.
We bought island hopping trip from one of the street, costing us THB1,200 per person.
Different operators quote differently, so try and get your best price.
We also got the Fantasea tickets for THB 1,600 including dinner.
The Phi Phi Island trip is the whole day, and it was a 45min bus ride from our resort to the marina.

Started off with the Monkey Island where we get to see monkeys. Not very interesting considering zoo has a lot of monkeys. haha.. even Machritchie has monkeys roaming. hahaha...
After that, we went to the middle of somewhere where we got to jup off the boat and snorkel in the middle of the sea.
The water was so clear and beautiful. You could see many small fishes!

After that, we went to an island where they served buffet lunch. This was slightly different from what I experienced during Krabi.
In Krabi, my island hopping lunch was brought to the beach itself and they just laid a mat and serve us food.
This, was a proper restaurant type.
And the food is quite good. Had ourselves ice cream cause it was too scorching hot! It was like 36 degrees??? I was like applying sunblock every hour.

Beautiful sight.

We reach Maya Bay where we could snorkel/ swim over there.
Damn shiok. The scenery was beautiful, and lying in the waters under the sun was super cooling.
My skin was burning!

Our last island was Khai Nai Island, equally beautiful.
Much bigger and there were shops selling bbq food.
Again, we snorkelled and saw more fishes here.
I think this place has the most types of fishes I've seen so far. 

Beautiful beach seats, but it cost THB150.

After our whole day island hopping trip, we had a very quick dinner because we booked our massage at sweet lemon grass which was rather far from our place.
We settled for an eatery just beside our resort, and it serves good thai food! I was surprised, cause I didn't really expect that type of standard lah... Thumbs up!!!!

And we decided to try renting a bike to ride!
Super nervous cause both of us never try riding a bike!
The rental is cheap so it's definitely worth renting than going by taxi.
One day rental was THB300. Quite standard. Unless you choose those newer ones or more trendy ones.
Bravo boy!
We made it safe to our massage place and had a wonderful massage.
A 90min aroma massage cost only THB500! :)


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