Sunday, July 05, 2015

Dazzling Cafe Singapore

Finally, after trying for 2 attempts, I did get to try Dazzling café newly opened in 2015.
I went there around late afternoon twice and the queue was just too long.
Today, after collecting our Shape Run race pack, we decided to go and queue.
We were the first! haha... Right after us there were 3 other couple who came shortly and the time was only 11.40am.
Note: It's only open at 12PM.
Located at Capitol Piazza, there's a new entrance from the underground at City Hall MRT.
Everywhere seem instagram worthy! Didn't really take a lot of photos as we were talking non-stop. hahaa.. It was so good to catch up!
Food wise, we order the aglio olio with scallops and crabmeat.
It was fragrant because the garlic was very crispy. Not the usual garlic smell.
It wasn't too oily as well, unexpectedly taste good!
Next is Spicy Seafood Tomyum Tomato, which states Singapore's exclusive. Guess maybe Taiwan don't have...
This does taste a bit of spicy, and a little over sourish because of the Tomyum.
But the sauce really does taste great.
In fact, I think this is better than the Aglio Olio!

And of course, desserts!!! We ordered the Mango and Coconut Gelato Honey Toast.
It's similar to Shibuya, the toast is a thick block with butter.
Inside it, it has already pre-cut cubes for convenience eating.
There's different level of your toast - Soft, Normal, Crispy.
We took the normal and it was already crispy. So for starters if you haven been there, better take normal cause later crispy may end up too hard for you...
Personally, I prefer After You in Bangkok than this, but locally, I think this is the closest you get to eat a good honey toast.
Too bad the walls of the toast is not crispy to eat, and there's not enough mango sauce and mango itself.
I would definitely come back again if I have no Bangkok trips anymore.. hahaha

I had a happy brunch with my dear Sylvia!!! :)

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