Sunday, July 19, 2015

Goodwood Park High Tea Buffet

Last week, I took an urgent leave to settle some stuff, then had some free time during the afternoon.
Decided to make act like tai tai and go for high tea!
Popped by Goodwood park for their high tea buffet at L'espresso. It's a buffet line so it is all replenishable. However, for drinks, it is only 2 drinks.
They do have quite a wide spread - pastries, baked items, fried items, bread, scones.
I love their pastries with those little seafood stuff on top.
My favourite is actually the one in the centre, salmon!
This is some beef stuff that is very good!!!

Shepard's pie, lasagne, pipraka chicken, crab something.
The pipraka chicken is damn good that I went and get 2nd round.

So-so tuna croissant. I think I like Delifrance better.

The desserts! There are a lot of other items but I only took these lah.
And everything on this plate is damn good. Got standard chocolate!
The English tea buffet starts from 2-5.30pm on Mon-Thursday.
$45 per person. :)
Had a good 2 hrs catching up with a friend and enjoying my rest of the day off.
Damn shiok until I felt like taking somemore leave.
It's been a long long time since I took leave just to relax in SG. Also keep my leave for overseas trip.
Maybe soon, I'll probably just do that ;)
Keeping my fingers crossed for something more exciting!

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