Sunday, October 11, 2015

Changes - For the good (I hope)

Ok, I know I have been missing for a fair bit. And, I always think to myself that I do still wanna blog, cause I do love keeping something for records.

So, what have I been doing? First, I have left my previous tax role in Nestle, and have joined a totally new industry which I have never been to - Oil industry.
I have joined Ampol, part of Caltex Australia Group. Because this is a new company set up in Singapore, there are many operations and processes that needs to kickstart. So, I am really looking forward to contribute and also learn more. I knew this may be difficult, after having a not-bad work life for 1 year plus... hahaha...
Now, I may be back to working OT, but I'm definitely very excited to be working in this new place.
Coming up with new processes and documentations, compliance, financial statements, and of course tax will still be a major part of my role. Learning Australia taxes is a new area for me, but definitely excited to ace this.
For the first time, I'll be working in TOWN..... and the people there are..... horror. People mountain people sea.... haha...

Anyway, I started work for 1 week, and then went to Bangkok trip with my dear girls and then 1 day later, took a flight to Sydney for 3 weeks of training.
I have not been so busy since Abbott time, so it's challenging... 3 more days, I'll be heading back to Singapore, and not long after, will be boarding the flight to Perth for holidays! hahhaa... October has been a roller coaster, but hey, keep calm and carry on!

I can do this! *note to self*

Anyway, I will update all the backlog trips.... just give me some time!!!!


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