Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Hoshino Coffee

On one of the rare weekends I have in August, the boy and I went on a movie date.
Really cannot find time to watch movies this month and I don't know why.
Time flew by.
We also had lesser time together doing café hopping spending time doing things together. So we made it a point to have a date!
Finally tried Hoshino Coffee. Whenever I passed by Plaza Singapura, it's always crowded. So, this time, we met slightly early and went to the new outlet at Capitol Piazza.
This is the reason why I wanted to try Hoshino Coffee - their hand drip coffee.
I got a little shock when it was served with a small cup of milk.
The coffee looked so black, how could this tiny amount of milk be sufficient?!
I took a sip of black, and it was really bitter and sour after taste.
As I poured the milk, I realised the coffee immediately became lighter in colour.
So I stopped at half. I was surprised that amount is enough already.
The coffee tasted so much better and nicer.

Tried their French toast - Warning, the white ball is not ice cream but a ball of cream!
Not exactly my favourite.
This! The ordinary looking tomato omu rice. I had my first bite, and I loved it. The egg was so soft and bouncy. The rice tasted fragrant and not overly sweet.
Would totally come back for this!
Haven really tasted a tomato fried rice so nice. :):)

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