Monday, January 18, 2016

Perth 9 Days - The Plan

Perth was a group trip in Oct 2015, with #gobananasinperth
GGH and I had already bought the tix way in advance during a sale and cost only $230.
We psycho-ed our team mates to go on a road trip with us and offered to plan the whole journey and they were gamed! :)

This trip is sort of our first time doing a long journey self drive and going to different areas in a state.
Previously, our Taiwan trip was long, but it was train rides and taxis.
So, we planned way in advance on the journey and printed out handy direction maps just in case GPS failed us. hahaha.
Overall, I think we made a great team cause the journey was rather smooth as planned. hehe..

Our itinerary in general was: Perth City - Busselton - Perth City - Kalbarri - Jurien Bay - Perth
Our journey wasn't very packed, such that we were able to explore the area (not touch & go).
However, the journey from Perth City to Kalbarri was a long 6hr drive so that's the toughest part.

The weather was good with wind in the morning/ evening, and good sun in the noon (approx. 20degree)

Being adventurous, we stayed a variety of places from airbnb, hostels, chalets, and hotel.
Honestly I find staying in the hostel was really exciting cause it's my first time at such a place, and it seems like a good place to meet and hang out with people from different countries, and definitely, with common interest - travel. Too bad we (as typical Asians), went to bed early and anti-social-ed. haha... Will definitely do something like this again!

Our total expenses (major ones):
8 nights of stay - $1,900 (4 person) .. so per person less than $500. Super on planned budget! We even get to say at Crown Promenade Burswood (Casino) for 2 nights ok?! hehehe
Our tours (Prison, Busselton, Whale watching) - $140 per person
Car rental 9 days - $800

Will list in more detail when I itemise it out per day..
A habit of mine is really documenting down almost everything so that I can keep these for records.
All my itinerary and expenses are really handy for my future re-visits. :)

Stay tuned for 1st day!


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