Monday, January 25, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 1 - Perth City - Tuck Shop, Fremantle, Prison Tour

We arrived at Perth when the sun was rising.... 0525hrs. Long day ahead...
But it's the start of our holidays!
Went to pick up our car at Hertz. We wanted to book the caravan so we could experience living in the caravan, but the reviews were bad and deposits were too expensive.
The total cost of our car for 9 days came up to SGD$797 with insurance cover for driver.
So, we picked a spacious car, full size auto, Toyota Camry. It could nicely fit 2 big luggage and still had spaces for small bagpacks.

The team model drivers. :p
The bananas: Our entertainer, and the always sleeping in car.

Such beautiful weather. It may look sunny, but its still cold. The best weather.
Our first stop: Tuckstop Café
178 Newcastle St, Perth WA 6000, Australia
Tel: +61 8 9227 1659 Tue-Sun: 7am to 4pm
Tue-Sun: 7am to 4pm
It is famous for its brunch & pies.
The pies were the best! I think we had the beef pie..

Venturing along the Fremantle jetty since we had free time...

We headed to Fremantle market to walk around and mentally deciding what we should get on our last day before we head back.
The famous Honey Cake in Fremantle.
Well, it's nice, but I felt it wasn't very fantastic cause it's just sweet lor.
Maybe the expectations were already high since many raved about it.
Cause have too many slices at one go cause it's sweet!
It's not cheap by the way....

Mandatory shoot
Next, we headed to the Fremantle Prison.
It's a stone throw away from the Fremantle market, so it's really quite convenient.
This place has its history and is already a part of Perth.
I feel it's worth to check this place out after all there's not many places that offer prison tours...
They do have a new prison hostel, but we skipped that.
They also have a super cool night walk underground! I wanted to try that, but the group wasn't keen :(
Here's a few snaps of the prison.

Entrance - Really huge

Security guard of the prison?

The prison hall

Their one room space.

The hanging place (w/o the fence).The fence is now for safety.
 The above areas are all walkable. We parked near Fremantle market and walk around the jetty and the market. There is a CAT bus which is free, you can hop on and tour around by bus as well if you have time. It brings you to popular spots of Fremantle.

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