Saturday, March 26, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 3 - Whale Watching, Colonial Brewing Co, Margaret River

Highlight of the day in Busselton!
We are going for whale watching! We have booked for 9.30am, just in case there was bad weather and have to reschedule. According to the website, in the event of bad weather here will be change in timing, and there is another timing in the afternoon.
Review of Legend Charters
The whale watching cost A$80 per person. It provides simple morning tea as well.
It's not hard to find the place, and it was just a 5-10min drive from our airbnb.
Once everyone has arrived, we set off immediately. We were offered coffee/ tea on board. It isn't very fantastic but it does help keeping you warm.
It was really much much colder out at the sea. I wore a long sleeve shirt, and Uniqlo jacket and wrapped myself up using a scarf, it was still COLD!!!
Even the guys felt cold because it's the wind when the boat is moving that makes it so cold.
It was about 30min out to the sea before they explained possibility of sights. Then, it gets much exciting because we brave the wind by standing up and trying to get a glimpse.
The guides were friendly to explain how to spot the whales.
We were so in luck that we managed to catch the whale for a fair bit of time! Makes our money so worthwhile. They were really huge up close. and fat. Not very nice looking as I thought to. haha...
I was thinking more of the slim kind, but never.... haha...
We were offered very tasty cookies halfway along the journey as well. Yummy!
I like the fact that they made it a point to find the whales by even going further out the sea.
It resulted in them reaching back at the pier later than scheduled.
Trustworthy and friendly guides! :)

Thereafter, we made our way to Colonial Brewing Company, another popular eatery place!
Colonial Brewing Company
Osmington Rd,
Margaret River
6285 WA
+61 8 9758 8177
So Aussie. Come'on, we'll never sit outside and eat lunch in Singapore right?!
We wanted to sit outside, but was worried of the sun getting too hot. hahhaaha...
Hence, we sat outdoor but sheltered. hehe.
Adapting to be local by drinking beer during lunch.
Not for us, since we are responsible driver. hee.. 
Btw, the person who took photo for us asked us where we were, and I bet he didn't know where Singapore is even though he said "oh."
His expression betrayed him.
Anyway, each and every item pictured below are really delicious! The pizza ingredients were all so chunky. But it cost us a whopping A$85 for lunch. hahhaa..

The whole area is really big with a reservoir behind. There's a little gardening area as well.
We quickly went on our way to make sure we cover all the places we wanted to go.
First time, The Margaret River Chocolate Company.
There's one in town, but I wanted to see the original big shop over there.
First big damage done. hahaa... Spent quite a bit on chocolates. Love their dark chocolate.

The wine lovers went for wine tasting while GGH and I went on vineyard walking.

Awesome four of us. :)

Along the drive we saw so many animals and we force stop along the roads and try and take pictures of them. Cause you hardly see such roaming animals in Singapore.
The problem is inside the "factory outlets" places, it is not a proper road and it's just one way street, so really have to be careful where you stop.

Why we were in a rush was because we wanted to catch sunset!
We researched a good sunset place is at Canal Rocks, hence we rushed to go over.
That day it was quite "orangey" and it didn't quite set all the way.

We had dinner in house since we spent so much for lunch already.
In Busselton, there's not a lot of food places that is open late at night (and also affordable), so we went to supermarket to get our dinner. Woolsworth closes earlier as compared to town area, so please check out the timing before heading your way there.

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