Sunday, February 07, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 2 - Busselton,Goose Bar, Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, Sunset at Yallingup

Before I start Day 2, here's a quick review of our 1st night stay at our B&B near East Perth.
It's located at Hay Street, East Perth, very convenient to town too. The CAT service is right at our door step so additional plus point if you don't drive.
It has a swimming pool and gym but we didn't bother to go and see, think it's like a service apartment kind of thing.
The building has an Italian restaurant which supposedly quite nice, but we didn't try it since it was GGH's birthday, we went San Churros to celebrate.

It has 2 big rooms, and 1 shared bathroom. 1 of the big room has a full length mirror wardrobe, so you might not like it if you are "pan tan" about sleeping facing the mirror.

It cost us $176 SGD, so I think it's quite worth it.

And so, on Day 2, we set off at 7am to arrive early at Busselton. Travelling takes a lot of time so we made most our of the bright timing to travel. During cold season, their day time is shorter, sunsets around 5pm plus, so it's really dangerous to drive at night. So, sleep early and wake up early!
Woolsworth Banana Cake is very nice!!! Love it!

The journey from Perth City to Busselton Jetty takes about 3hrs.
We managed to reach there early, and we walked around the jetty.
The weather was slightly cold, but it felt good walking around the jetty pathways. It was so peaceful.

We booked the Busselton Underwater Observatory at 11am, and in order to get in, tickets had to be purchased. The cost per person was AU$32. To reach there, you either take the train or you can walk .. about 4km/5km I think. cannot remember.  

We were given a tour which is 8 metres down. Its a spiral staircase leading down, and you can see through the windows and observe the different types of coral and fishes that you probably will not see unless you do diving. It's really dark inside, so we had difficulty in taking pictures.

Time for lunch! Of course, one of the best food you have to try in Busselton is The Goose Beach bar & Kitchen!
It's right at the beachfront, so you definitely cannot miss it.

We ordered fish & chips, Margherita pizza and chilli salt calamari.
The chilli salt calamari is superb! Really fresh and the taste was just right!

Next, we went for a self guided tour. We explored Cape Naturaliste by doing a trail after visiting the Lighthouse.
So this trail is actually very long, the full track is called Cape to Cape Trail, which covers 250km down south of Perth. It will lead all the way to Albany.
At the ends of the Cape, there is a lighthouse each.
The lighthouse is a short walk in. It's nothing much though, except it's an iconic feature.
We ventured slightly into the woods and managed to see a wildlife kangaroo!
We began exploring the trails.. There's many different trails, and this board provides guidance on the difficulty level and timing. We decided on "The other side of the moon" track hahha...
We wondered what is on the other side. 
Along the road, we saw different flowers blooming and many many bushes. haha...

And finally, the other side of the moon. We seriously don't know where is the moon, but i'm guessing why the name is because after the bushes, it lies a land of barren and black ugly rocks before you get to seafront.

After going to the other side of the moon, we headed further down to Yallingup to watch sunset. The wonderful thing about watching sunset is people actually bring their mats, chairs, and wine and really sit and watch sunset. SO MUCH FEEL!  
That day wasn't the best sunset as it was cloudy.
We then headed back for dinner. We went to supermarket for a quick buy.
In Besselton, there isn't much supermarket at night, if I'm not wrong, it closes at 8pm.
You can eat out but it's mostly all western fast food in Busselton.
Effort A+ for photo taking. hahahaha...  

OUR STAY - A private house at Carey St.
It's like 5min walk to the beachfront! And it's huge!
It has 3 rooms, a big living room with chimney, a dining room and kitchen!
However, it has only 1 toilet.
It's really huge for 4 of us, cause it supposedly can fit 6 people.
It has an outdoor balcony with BBQ pit, but we didn't bother to use them.
We stayed here for the next 2 nights, costing only SGD $383. :)
My chosen room, beach feel.

The living room

Feels so homely.

The Kitchen - fully equipped.
The cozy dining.


  1. Hi Tiffany, really enjoy reading your travelogues as there are refreshing different from those paid bloggers writeups of the same old lame places.

    Particularly keen on your various Perth accomodations, able to share their names so I can research them? Thanks tonnes

    1. Hello! Glad somebody found mine useful! Just documenting my life journey :)
      Here's a list of where I stayed:
      Perth city: 251 Hay Street, East Perth, WA 6004, Australia(Owner Justin on airbnb)
      1 Eric St, Cottesloe WA 6011, Australia (Ocean backpacker)
      Busselton: 23 Carey St, Busselton, Western Australia 6280, Australia (Owner Michelle on airbnb)
      Kalbarri Tudor Park
      Jurien Bay: 2 Casuarina Crescent Unit 18, Jurien Bay, WA 6516, Australia (Owner Sharlene on airbnb)