Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 5 - Mullewa, Red Bluff, Kalbarri Tudor Park

Seriously, this took way longer than I thought. April already still trying to finish up my trip last year. WTH. But i'm determined to finish it so that I can read these myself when I feel like it.
Day 5 we travelled to the other end of Perth. We had to reach Kalbarri before sun set, and that's 9 hrs from Perth city.
So, off we went along Mingenew where it's popular for flower blooming during the right season. Unfortunately I totally got it wrong, the government website says Sept/Oct have, but when we arrived and asked, it was gone! Bloomed and gone!
No wonder it was a dead town. Had difficulty finding a proper food place too!
Although we were slightly bumped, but we didn't let it damper our mood... We kinda had crazy fun along the road to Kalbarri.

The remains of some flowers blooming.

While driving along the highway, we saw patches of flowers still blooming and withering, so we bravely parked by the side and took pictures. Not one time, but many times at different spots!
The thing is - Driving on the highway is different from Singapore. The speed is 150-180km/h.
We had a pretty sturdy car, so for that speed is alright for us.
Now, to brake and take pictures... IS DANGEROUS.
You need to check the back and all clear, and make sure your car is on the side, such ulu highway is only one lane! haha..
But thankfully, we made it one piece back. haha.
Love the pictures, natural lights.
Focus on... the SKY!!!! beautiful isn't it?!
This shot. Taken like dunno how many times, and on a highway! We had to spot cars from afar to make sure we had time to run while the car is coming at 180km/h.
This is what I really call experience of a road trip!
After a long drive, we made it on time to Kalbarri.
Kalbarri is popular for its National Park, and nature wonders.
We arrived at the coastal cliffs for sunset, namely Red Bluff and Eagle Gorge.

The many flies... they don't sting, they just like to say onto the clothes, and only both of the guys! haha..

 Advertisement for Uniqlo jacket. haha.
In Kalbarri, finding accommodation was tough. We managed to book a chalet but villa style. hehe.
We booked Kalbarri Tudor Park 2BDRM Villa. Can sleep 6 like this.
It's really quite spacious and clean, costing AUD$160 which I think it's worth it.
Best still, the hot water in the toilet was HEAVEN.

A little about Kalbarri, it's a small town, where a 5min drive from the Tudor Park you will reach the town - and has that one row of dining place. So, food is limited, and slightly expensive.
Better off drinking beer. But, I felt comfortable where people mind their own businesses, lots of old uncles with big bellies drinking beer but sober.
In the chalet, it's nothing like Singapore chalet. In the evening, it's not noisy, and it is in cluster of the segment of stay. Example, those staying in cabin (cheapest) are clustered together, villas are together. Then those caravan parking are in the center, which is awesome.
I went walking around in the morning, trying to get a feel of what caravan life is - I am definitely gonna try it one day.
This is still one of my bucket list. So cosy and lovely.
Kalbarri is a big natural park - do come here if your travel permits. :)
Alright, coming soon, Kalbarri National Park!

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