Sunday, May 29, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 6 - Kalbarri National Park

Kalbarri National Park is very huge. We didn't do long walking trails due to time constraint, and also it's not for the faint hearted. Every trail has information on the difficult level and what tools are required, like walking stick etc.
We saw a few elder people starting to walk off the trail, I salute them. It's amazing how angmohs at age of 50 can still do such a trail whereas Asians are generally seem to be weaker at the age of 50...
Okay, I digress. Anyway, Kabarri is all photo worthy - here you go.

The whole Kabarri National Park. You can do the trail down, and come back up.

See what I  mean by photo worthy? Everywhere also pretty and blue skies.

Cannot really remember if this is Z bend or The gorge, but I think it's the latter.
This Nature's window, is very famous in Kalbarri. It is a naturally formed rock that looks like a window that oversees the Kalbarri. It's super solid.  
The reason why I wanted to come Kalbarri, the Nature's Window.


As you will notice, the lighting is very bright. It was around 9am I think... but the sun is like 12pm sun. Super strong UV. It is very easy to get heat stroke here if you don't drink up. it's worse than Singapore weather.
Doing some stunts....
Such beautiful flowers seen while on the roads off Kalbarri!


This day is short as we had to drive back to Jurien Bay which is 4hours away. We spent whole morning at Kalbarri and headed to lunch at the main area, before driving all the way to Jurien Bay before the sunset.
At Jurien Bay, the places to stay were limited and there's no hotel...
So we managed to book chalet.
We stay at Casuarina Crescent, Ocean Beach Chalet 18.
Honestly, I wasn't expecting anything nice since it was a chalet... but I was surprised!
The chalet is like a terrace house!
It has a proper porch, a car porch, a bbq area by the side!
Wood elements - So homely feel! Big living room.
Kitchen area  
It has 2 rooms, 1 double bed, 1 twin bed, sleeps 4.

I was impress for the price I paid for, it's pretty worth it. Singapore chalet cost a lot more than this, and Singapore chalet are much smaller in size.....
Alright. Next day.... SKYDIVE!!!!


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