Saturday, June 25, 2016

Perth 9 Days - Day 7 - Jurien Bay Skydiving

Decided to do this YOLO in Perth with the boy.
Took him awhile to be convinced..
It is expensive but once in a lifetime right?!
Per person cost $400 for 14,000 ft I think. And videos additional cost of $120.
I chose here because I saw the reviews that this skydive jurien bay is quite good and of course SAFE.  
It's a short walk from the place we stayed, and we took the morning slot so that the video is clear, skies are clear, and perfect weather!
If unfortunately the weather is unable to dive, it will be postponed, so we decided to take the morning, just in case.
I've got nothing to say, but just relishing the moments while I upload these photos. Enjoy. :)

This indeed is a memorable experience. My videos looked better, but the boy face was like cui because I think he has lesser fats or no collagen? so his skin was "flying".. lol..
To not disgrace him, I did a combined version.
Here's the edited video version for both of us:
Shall update the afternoon happening in a separate post! :D


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