Monday, September 12, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 1 - Karsa Spa & Naughty Nuri's

My first trip of the year! After so long, super looking forward to a proper holiday.
This trip was given to me as a Valentine's day present ... The boy sponsored the whole trip for my birthday holiday and I didn't had to change any currency nor bring any money. hehe.
I was told to just tell him what places I wanna go badly.

So, the brief itinerary was provided to me 2 weeks before. We stayed 4 nights in Ubud, 2 nights in Seminyak.

Day 1 - Nothing much because arrival was already late afternoon, and there was a flight delay.
We ended up had to rush to the spa place where he booked. It was very popular and definitely have to book in advance.
It closes early at 7pm (i think), so he managed to book the 6pm slot.
Karsa Spa is nested among the rice paddy fields, and we did a short hike up to reach the place.
Get to have space at a very spacious room with huge bath tub and shower, and it has no air con (because it's natural!). Now I know why #1 in tripadvisor in Ubud.
I did a full body and it was really good. The ambience already won my over. I was told by the boy if we reach earlier, have a drink at the cafe at the entrance. It's not bad, and got feel. Next time!
Sadly wouldn't take photos as we were late and sky was turning dark.

By the time we got out, on our way down the hike, we saw lots and lots of stars! So beautiful, something that rarely can be seen in Singapore since the whole place is always brightly lit.

Once we walked back down, we went to Naughty Nuri's, but this place is just too over rated. Nothing fantastic about the ribs and grill. Maybe their chilli sauce is very nice and spicy only. Other than that, i wouldn't return for any round. Don't bother.

Ended the day early for the next day's temple tour.

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