Sunday, September 25, 2016

Bali 7 Days: Day 2 - Pura Ulun Danu Bratan, Goa Gajah, Tirta Empul Temple, Kopi Luwak tour

 On day 2, GGH arranged a full day temple tour to sightsee with a taxi.
Not that I'm very interested... haha.. there's just too many temples in Bali.
Of course, he narrowed down to those popular ones and along the way.
I was probably more interested in rice terraces....
First stop. Pura Ulun Banu Bratan.
Obviously I cannot remember the name of this temple, but I call it the water lake pagoda.
That's because the pagoda is on the water facing a lake which is quite pretty!
It was the longest time I spent among all the places we went. :p
There were so event going on, and we got a chance to see what's happening and their culture.
Like how there are gold and white "umbrellas" outide the door like guards.

Goa Gajah. The elephant cave. It didn't look like an elephant cave to me though....
And I got cheated into thinking there were more inside the cave, but there wasn't much. :(

The waterfall ... if you can find it. and climb in.

Tirta Empul Temple. The holy water spring.
There were lots of visitors, even non-locals were seen bathing or "puritfying" themselves in the holy water.
This has to be the busiest temple of all.
Very interesting though. Note, small entrace fee is applicable.

BANANA! So sweet and nice!
This place is huge. and beautiful.

Another temple... which is forgettable... that i cannot remember the name.  

Bali Pulina. Kopi Luwak tour!
Finally, I got to see what's so fascinating about "cat shit coffee", the most expensive coffee.
I've learnt that this animal is very picky, only eats good quality coffee seeds to shit out the best coffee beans (it cannot be digested in their body). They will collect the feces and process them by washing, drying, roasting.
Its nature is also very active, and hence it's very difficult to capture a still photo of them.
The roasing process.
Upon completion of the tour, if you purchase 1 cup of kopi luwak at a reasonable price (i think its SGD4??) , they will serve you all the different type of coffees, total 8 cups for sampling, have it at a cafe overlooking rice terraces.
It's worth a try especially you have not tried this type of coffee before before deciding if you wanna spend money on expensive coffee.
The taste is unique, powderish coffee, but it does taste decent. It has a strong aroma, but I understand from our taxi driver that it's not as strong as a normal bali coffee (in terms of keeping you awake).
We had a good time chilling over coffee before ending the day.
We didn't purchase anything there cause I wouldn't pay SGD50 for a box of coffee.
Instead, I went to supermarkets, finding the smallest pack of coffee just for my dad and mum to try them as sample. That sample also cost me SGD20. hahaha.
Seriously, the most expensive coffee I bought.

Thats for my day 2. We ended the day early in preparation for that morning 2AM hike!!!
Stay tuned! :)

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