Sunday, March 09, 2008

9 march, sunday. single. KL

at KL right now.
actually, quite glad that i'm away. can free myself from singapore stress and do everything by myself.
this break is just right.
hmm.. my boss told me before. if u are sad, don't make yr heart think about it. close the door and open the happy memories door. in simple words, ignore part of yr heart.

i believe this is quite true. but i realised that if i do that, i feel sad. haha... dunno why. so therefore, today, my conclusion is to talk to my heart and open every door. haha ..
rubbish right? i think so too. hurhur....

good part of my KL trip.
i was walking at Sungei Wang plaza and it just happen to have Gary Cao Ge autograph session!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!! my dream came true! i finally get to see cao ge in real person. My Mr. Boyfriend. hehehehe....

anyway, thank god i have bought my sony ericsson phone. at least can snap pictures cause i don't have a digital camera. =(.
can only update when i return singapore.

hmm... tot this time the journey to KL will be long and boring... but luckily it didn't jam so much and it wasn't boring too. =D
also spent time thinking about the future, and silently communicating with my heart. well, some people communicate with grass i realised. I pity the grass. hahaha....
anyway, ... yup. tomorrow will be a long long day. setup morning for masterclass then at night setup for full conference. haiz.

well, my new goal: Go back Singapore, be a super duper cheerful happy person! 5 days. think it will be very difficult.....

quote: if u r happy, i'm happy. if u r sad, i'm sad too.

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